Jiuquan City People’s Hospital


Founded in 1951, Jiuquan City People's Hospital is a comprehensive 3A-grade hospital integrating medical treatment, first aid, prevention, healthcare, rehabilitation, teaching, scientific research and community service.

The hospital has set up a municipal emergency assistance center, three branch hospitals and a community health service center. The medical service covers Hexi district in Gansu province and neighboring provinces such as Qinghai and Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

The hospital covers 110,000 square meters and a building area of 140,000 sq m. It has 1,700 patient beds and 2,038 employees, including 1,713 professionals and 210 senior professionals. It has 56 clinical departments, six medical technology departments and 19 administrative and logistics departments. The annual outpatient volume of the hospital is more than 710,000 person-times, and more than 53,000 person-times are discharged.

Various items of advanced medical equipment such as superconducting 3.0T and 0.35T NMRs are used at the hospital. There are also CR, 1250mA digital subtraction angiography bed, a four-dimensional color ultrasound, electronic ultrasound gastroscopy, artificial kidney, automatic biochemical analyzer, laparoscope, arthroscopy, as well as linear accelerator.

Address: 22 West Ave, Jiuquan, Gansu province
Tel: +86-937-6982071
Consulting Hours: 08:00—12:00, 14:30—18:00