Gansu Provincial Hospital


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Gansu Provincial Hospital, which was founded in 1950, is a comprehensive top-ranked 3A-grade hospital integrating medical services with teaching, research, preventive medicine and healthcare.

The hospital has 3,370 patient beds and 2,744 staff members, of whom 438 are senior professionals, eight are provincial outstanding experts and 20 are provincial leading talents.

The hospital has 78 business departments, including 61 clinical departments with 75 specialties, and 17 technical departments with 29 specialties. It also has two national key disciplines–endocrinology and nursing. In addition, it has 12 provincial quality control centers, covering general surgery, clinical testing, anesthesia, hemodialysis, infection, rational use of drugs, cardiovascular surgery, neurointervention, radiation and nursing.

The hospital has various advanced medical facilities such as the only Da Vinci robot operation system in northwestern China; SPECT/CT; PET/CT; CT imaging, a high-energy superconducting linear accelerator tumor treatment system; a Siemens 3.0T superconducting magnetic resonance imaging system, 256-layer photon dual-source CT and a 3D laparoscopic system.

Moreover, it has set up a long-term relationship in recent years with the University of South Florida and Tampa General Hospital in the United States, the Hopale Foundation Hospital in France, the Israel Seiler Forensic Medicine Center and other foreign medical institutions. And it is a sister hospital with Taipei Hospital and Taiwan Changhua Christian Hospital. Hundreds of its staff members go to Denmark, France, Canada, Japan, Germany, the US, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places for learning and training exchange programs each year.

Add: 204 Donggang West Rd, Lanzhou, Gansu province
Tel: +86-931-8281763
Fax: +86-931-8266957
Zip Code: 730000