Qingyang People’s Hospital



Qingyang People's Hospital [Photo/qysrmyy.com]

Founded in 1949, Qingyang People's Hospital is a comprehensive 3A-grade hospital which integrates medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, first aid, prevention and healthcare.

It covers 43,000 square meters with a building area of 102,100 sq m. It has 1,760 patient beds and 92 departments, including 47 clinical departments, 16 medical technology departments and 29 administrative departments. The annual outpatient emergency volume is about 750,000 person-times, the annual discharge number is about 65,000 person-times, and the annual number of operations is nearly 20,000.

By 2018, the hospital had 2,020 employees, among whom 209 held senior professional titles and 1,013 had bachelor's degrees or above. There were also four experts enjoying special allowances from the State Council, six excellent experts of Gansu province, and three prestigious TCM doctors of Gansu province. It also had more than 1,000 large items of medical equipment such as 3.0T, 1.5T superconducting magnetic resonance and 128-slice spiral CT.

The hospital has formed characteristic disciplines, including cardiovascular medicine, neurosurgery, tumor surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, anesthesiology, orthopedics, pediatrics.

Address: 30 Lanzhou Rd, Xifeng district, Qingyang, Gansu province
Tel: +86-934-8682460
Fax: +86-934-8684932
Post Code: 745000