Gansu, Georgia sign framework agreement | Updated: 2021-04-17


Ren Zhenhe shows the signed cooperation agreement. [Photo by Luo Yunfan/for]

Governors of China's Gansu province and Georgia's Shida Kartli state signed an agreement on the establishment of friendly and cooperative relations between Gansu and Shida Kartli on Thursday.

Ren Zhenhe, governor of Gansu, met via video link with David Saganelidze, chairman of Partnership Fund of Georgia and Mamuka Saghareishvili, state representative - governor in Shida Kartli, in Lanzhou, capital of Northwest China's Gansu province.

Ren said that the Belt and Road Initiative has both generated new opportunities for the development of all participating countries and regions and opened up new horizon for Gansu's development and opening-up.


The participants take part in the online conference. [Photo by Li Xiaolong/for]

In recent years, under the principle of the initiative of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, Gansu and Partnership Fund of Georgia have reached many consensuses on bilateral cooperation.
Georgia's national development strategy of building a logistics center and a transportation hub is highly compatible with Gansu's new pattern of opening-up, featuring both internal and external considerations, land and sea combination, westward orientation and multi-directional development.

Gansu is ready to make full use of its geographical advantages, resource endowment and industrial foundation to continuously deepen friendly exchanges and pragmatic cooperation with Georgia in trade and investment, traditional medicine, culture and education.

David Saganelidze and Mamuka Saghareishvili said it was important to be a major participant of BRI. They hoped to further deepen exchanges and cooperation with Gansu to jointly promote the Belt and Road Initiative to achieve more fruitful results.

Wuwei Bonded Logistics Operations Management Co Ltd signed an online framework cooperation agreement with Partnership Fund of Georgia.

The participants witnessed the opening ceremony of Wuwei Bonded Logistics Center Georgia Overseas Bonded Warehousing and Distribution Center.