Gansu city reestablishes relationship with US counterpart

Ma Jingna in Lanzhou | | Updated: 2021-03-18


An aerial view of Jinchang, Gansu province.

Ed Bolt, mayor of the city of Shawnee, Oklahoma in the United States, recently sent a letter to Wang Jun, mayor of Jinchang in Gansu province. In the letter, Bolt expressed his hope of reestablishing their sister-city relationship and signing an agreement as soon as possible.

Shawnee is the first sister city of Jinchang. The two cities had built cooperation in various fields including vocational education, industry and agriculture before they drifted apart.


An old railway station in Shawnee, Oklahoma, US.

In January, the City of Shawnee reached out to the Gansu Provincial People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, expressing the desire to reset its alliance with Jinchang. With the help of GPAFFC, Jinchang officially confirmed the reconstruction of its relationship with Shawnee in a letter.

The two cities now have active relations, and plan on exchange visits once the pandemic ends.

Tang Ziye contributed to the story.