Gannan advances high-quality and balanced development of education | Updated: 2023-11-23

Gannan Tibetan autonomous prefecture, an autonomous prefecture in southern Gansu province, has completed a number of key educational projects in recent years, and has established a comprehensive educational system consisting of kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools and universities.


Students have a tug of war. [Photo/]

In 2022, Gannan achieved a 99.35 percent consolidation rate for nine-year compulsory education and a 96.28 percent gross enrollment rate for high school. The prefecture boasts 422 kindergartens with 25,694 children enrolled.

As of 2023, Gannan has 191 boarding schools, with the living subsidy for boarding students having increased to 2,200 yuan per student per year and the heating subsidy to 340 yuan per student per year. The total number of teaching staff in the prefecture is 14,114, with educational qualification rates of 99.92 percent, 99.86 percent, and 94 percent for primary, junior high, and high school teachers, respectively.


Students perform a traditional Tibetan dance-Guozhuang. [Photo/]

Over the past 11 years, Gannan has invested 3.21 billion yuan ($450 million) to enhance school facilities. The total school building area has reached 2.16 million square meters and the Internet access rate in primary and secondary schools is 100 percent.

In addition, with a cumulative investment of 4.46 billion yuan, Gannan has established a full-chain, full-coverage funding policy system, ensuring accessibility to education from early childhood onwards, and achieving the goal of 15 years of free education.


Students do physical exercises during breaks. [Photo/]

The progress outlined by these figures signifies not only the changes in the development of education in Gannan, but more importantly, the prefecture's commitment to education.

From horseback schools to tent schools, then day schools, and now boarding schools, education development in the prefecture has made quick progress, evolving from offering access to education to providing high quality and balanced education.