Digital, intelligent technologies empower husbandry in Zhangye | Updated: 2023-03-17

Zhangye, Gansu province has applied the internet of things, cloud computing, and big data technologies to the whole aquaculture industrial chain in the local area to improve quality and raise efficiency.


A cow's information showed at the big data platform sponsored by the animal husbandry and veterinary authority of Zhangye, Gansu provicne [Photo/Zhangye Daily]

The big data platform sponsored by the city's animal husbandry and veterinary authority, which includes 192,000 cows, is favorable for new variety breeding.

Tens of thousands of dairy cows are wearing a "smart collar" at the local breeding base. With it, the staff can easily check the cows' exercise levels, respiratory rate and other information. If the cows feel sick, the system will give an alarm to a mobile phone to remind staff to check them immediately.

Automatic feeding vehicles and rotary milking machines are available in farms and milking workshops. The temperature and humidity intelligent control system can also make the environment suitable for the growth of dairy cows.


Consumers are allowed to adopt their own lambs. [Photo/Zhangye Daily]

"In 2022, the online sales of Qilian Pastoral Co reached 160 million yuan ($23.3 million), with its beef roll ranking first among all the beef items in JD, China's major e-commerce platform," said Lin Liang, the company's general manager.

In addition, since last year consumers have been allowed to adopt their own lambs online. They can use video surveillance to check their lambs anytime, anywhere.