Lanzhou New Area boosts innovation-driven growth | Updated: 2022-08-26

Lanzhou New Area is striving to create new growth drivers and explore new paths for high-quality development in Northwest China.


A staff member gives the machine a good inspection. [Photo/]

A new energy material company was recently put into trial production in the area.

The 3.5-micron high-performance lithium battery copper foil that just rolled off its production line is half the thickness of those already widely used in the market. With the same size lithium battery, the productive efficiency can be improved by nearly 10 percent.

In Lanzhou New Area, there were more than 400 such new innovations in production and marketing last year.


A glance at a technology firm in Lanzhou New Area [Photo/]

Enterprises in an innovative industrial cluster have realized coordinated development through the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, cooperation between upper and lower industrial chains, and the complementation of core technology.

The area provides whole-process services for enterprising investors, reducing the number of items for approval from 23 to 8, and saving lots of time.

Relying on key laboratories, new R&D institutions and favorable policies, Lanzhou New Area has created a number of products with independent intellectual property rights.

In the first half of this year, the area witnessed deals worth about 40 billion yuan ($5.83 billion) for 116 industrial projects.