Ancient Dunhuang relics come to life in Hong Kong | Updated: 2022-08-24

The themed exhibition "Dunhuang: Enchanting Tales for Millenium" opened at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum on Aug 23. It is part of celebrations for the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland.

"The Dunhuang murals, silk paintings and cave replicas on display showcase the rich emotions of ancient locals. They provide insight into the Buddhist world, one that respects the sky and the earth, loves people, and pursues truth, goodness and beauty," said Su Bomin, president of the Dunhuang Academy.


The "Dunhuang in Snapshots" section of the exhibition [Photo provided by Dunhuang Academy]

The key exhibits include a replica of Yulin Cave 25, which was built in the Middle of the Tang Dynasty (exactly 776-81). It is a very accurate construction, with a long passageway akin to an ancient burial chamber connecting the antechamber and the main chamber.

Visitors are able to see the exquisite landscape murals in the cave, explore the relationship between people and nature in Dunhuang art, and use immersive projection and digital technology to reinterpret the stories contained in the murals.


A visitor enjoys the digitized landscape murals in the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. [Photo provided by Dunhuang Academy]

"We will never forget the generosity of Hong Kong people in supporting the protection and digitization of Dunhuang Grottoes," Su said, adding that he expected more compatriots to join the ranks in protecting, studying and promoting Dunhuang culture.