Mountains, rivers and grasslands add holiday spice to Gansu province | Updated: 2022-07-04


Visitors enjoy a horseback ride across the grassland in Gangu county, Tianshui, Gansu province. [Photo by Wang Jianqiang]

Gupo Grassland is a national 3A-level tourist attraction in the mountainous area of Gangu county, Tianshui, Gansu province. Local people used to breed horses for the imperial court in Zhou Dynasty (1050-221 BC) here.

The natural pasture now covers an area of 9,333 hectares, with a forest coverage of over 52 percent. It is the watershed between the Yangtze River and the Yellow River basins.

The place, as a collection of mountains, valleys, forests, grasslands and rivers, is an ideal resort for summer vacations, tourism and photography. 

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