[Wildlife in Gansu] Upland buzzards real birds of prey in Qilian Mountains

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2021-11-15


In Northwest China's Qilian mountains, there is another resident bird species four to five times the size of the little owls.

They are upland buzzards, a real bird of prey relying on the advantage of a 70-cm-long body.

The young birds grew up at quite an amazing speed. After just two months, they are almost as big as their parents.

Adult upland buzzards catch plateau pikas for their children non-stop every day. Even so, the three young birds still have an urgent need for food. They have to eat at least nine pikas each day. When they are hungry, they will swallow the food whole.

This fledgling looked helpless facing a plateau pika. Its strong brothers and sisters gave it a hand to tear apart the meat. They help each other survive.

One bird summoned its courage and jumped out of the nest. From this moment on, it will never come back. This is the beginning of its life in the sky.

The young bird hovered a few times on top of the nest, and then flew into the distance to start a new journey.

Now that autumn is here, the young birds will either perish or leave their parents. They can't stay in the nest forever.