[Wildlife in Gansu] Adventures of small bar-headed geese

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2021-11-08


Qilian Mountain National Park is located in Northwest China's Gansu province. In early summer, the park allows various birds to reproduce.

Bar-headed geese choose to hatch on an island. They come together to fend off possible dangers together, though they can't stop Himalayan marmots from stealing eggs.

A brood of fledglings hatched after 28 days of being protected by their parents. The first threat they will encounter is from other geese. The parents are eager to take their children off the island, because those who fail to hatch have the strongest jealousy.

In a corner of the island, a baby bird was looking for its parents. It felt the hostility around it and rushed to a strange family in a panic. The family accepted this little goose.

But when the temporary parents took its children into the water, the little goose did not have the courage to continue to follow them. After all, this is not its own family.

The birdie called its biological parents on the shore, but it drew more attacks. There is not much time left. It's very likely to die, unless it finds its parents before dark.

Finally, the little goose's careless parents appeared not far away. The bird swam to them and then they went home. This time, the parents guarded the little goose every step of the way, and also taught it survival skills so that it won't find itself in such a predicament again.