Jinchang of Gansu province lies in the eastern part of the Hexi Corridor, neighboring Wuwei on the east. It boasts rich nonferrous metal and is honored as the Nickel Capital of China as it’s the largest national nickel and cobalt producing base, a refining center of platinum group metals and one of the three national bases for integrated use of natural resources. 

Jinchang city has an area of 9,593 km2,and had a population of 458,200 at the end of 2019. It is one of the first national demonstration cities for both the circular economy and quality improvement. In 2013, Jinchang city was listed among the 100 most livable cities in the country and the most livable city in Gansu province according to the Annual Report on Urban Competitiveness by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. In 2014, Jinchang city was named a National Garden City by the National Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. In 2015, it was selected as a National Civilized City by the Ministry of Central Civilization,the first selected in Gansu Province. The City of Zijin Flowers, “Romantic Jinchang” is its new urban business card.

Liqian ancient city, located in Yongchang county of Jinchang city, amalgamates the architectural style of ancient Rome (Etruscan), ancient Greek and the Western Han Dynasty. A legend about exiled ancient Roman soldiers who settled in Liqian during the Western Han Dynasty still arouses people’s curiosity and interest.

Jinchang city is a new tourism destination along the ancient Silk Road due to its famous cultural attractions with distinctive features, such as the mysterious Liqian scenic spot, Shengrong Temple -- the renowned Silk Road temple on Wudang Mountain, the major cultural source of Taoism and Buddhism in the Ming and Qing dynasties -- Jinshui Lake, the largest artificial reservoir landscape in the Northwestern area of China, Badan Jaran Desert, the so-called “Mount Qomolangma” Desert, the Zijin Flower City Ecological Scenic Spot, Qilian Leopard Head Provincial Forest Park, the Jinchuan Science and Technology Museum where the magical charms of modern nonferrous metals are unveiled, and the Yongchang Protection Memorial showcasing the fighting history of the West March of the Red Army.