Crescent Moon Spring, Dunhuang

Crescent Moon Spring, Dunhuang

敦煌鸣沙山月牙泉景区 (dūn huáng míng shā shān yuè yá quán jǐng qū)


An aerial view of Crescent Moon Spring [Photo/IC]

Crescent Moon Spring scenic area, in Gansu province's Jiuquan, is a national 5A-level scenic area.

Located 5 kilometers south of Dunhuang, a county-level city, in the Singing Sand (Mingsha) Mountains, the scenic area is quite literally an oasis in the desert. The spring's name derives from the crescent moon shape of the small pool between two large sand dunes. Although the area is very dry, the pool doesn't dry up as one might expect.

The Singing Sand Mountains are famous for the sounds the wind makes when blowing over the dunes. Also, the sand is said to be noisy when you walk on it. The dunes are also famous for their size, some reaching 100 meters or more, and their stability despite the fact that the dunes beyond the mountains shift frequently. Also, the sands are said to regain form overnight if they’ve been trod upon that day.

Scenic Spot Level: AAAAA

Ideal Sightseeing Season: May to October

Address: 5 km from Dunhuang

1. It is recommended you rent shoe covers before entering the scenic area to prevent sand getting into your footwear.


Visitors can ride camels around Crescent Moon Spring scenic area. [Photo/IC]