Kongtong Mountain, Pingliang


Kongtong Mountain, Pingliang

平凉市崆峒山风景名胜区 (píng liáng kōng tóng shān fēng jǐng míng shèng qū)


Kongtong Mountain scenic area [Photo/IC]

Located in Pingliang city, Gansu province, Kongtong Mountain is one of the sacred mountains of Taoism. It is the mythical meeting site between the Huangdi (also known as Yellow Emperor) and Guangchengzi.

It is said that an immortal named Guangchengzi once lived in a stone cave in the mountain, and the Yellow Emperor once went there to hear his preaching. So the mountain is said to be one of the birthplaces of Taoism in China.

Kongtong Mountain boasts dozens of spectacular peaks. It is covered with dense forests rolling from one steep peak to another. Tourists can enjoy the wonderful landscapes, the beautiful trees and flowers, the interesting caves, strange rocks and the running clouds. With precipitous scenery and a collection of ancient cultural relics, this mountain is worth visiting for both the landscape and the ancient culture.

As one of the most famous Taoist mythical places well known for its wonderful scenery, the mountain was named Kongtong, which means "emptiness, lustration and naturalness" in Taoist doctrine. Kongtong Mountain is also highlighted as a very healthy place.

Scenic Spot Level: AAAAA

Address: Kongtong district, Pingliang (12 km from Pingliang city)

1. Wear comfortable clothes when climbing the mountains.


Cable cars in Kongtong Mountain scenic area [Photo/IC]