Wolves' wetland a wondrous sight in Gansu

Ma Jingna | chinadaily.com.cn


A summer scene at Langdu Wetland Park in Min county, Dingxi city, Northwest China's Gansu province. [Photo by Wang Xisheng for chinadaily.com.cn]

The over 60,000-hectare Langdu Wetland Park, located in Lvjing town, sits 70 kilometers east of Min county in Dingxi city, Northwest China's Gansu province.

As the local legend goes, wolves often forage the area for water and food, because the wetland is home to many wild animals. That's why people have given it the name Langdu, which means "wolves come".

Thanks to its unique geographical location and long history, the wetland has become a treasure along the ancient Tea Horse Road, which began in Shaanxi province's Xi'an and stretched all the way to Qinghai and Tibet.

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