Baiyin National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone


Baiyin National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone [Photo/]

Baiyin High-tech Industrial Development Zone grew from the Baiyin High Technology Industrial Park of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is a center of new materials high-tech industrialization as selected by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The zone has a planning area of 356 square kilometers. Six industries thrive there, namely chemical engineering, nonferrous metals (rare earth), equipment manufacturing, biomedicine, building materials and ceramics and comprehensive utilization of resources.

It has brought in technologies and projects from countries such as Germany and Ukraine and regions such as Chongqing, Shanghai and Shandong province. It has profoundly cooperated with the Shanghai-based Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone and attracted bio-pharmaceutical companies.

The zone has a close relationship with scientific research institutes that deal with commercialization and industrialization of technological fruits, including the Institute of Electrical Engineering at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and also Lanzhou University.

It aims to expand and recycle major technological device and promote development of important industries to make new contributions to Baiyin's economic and social development.